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Horn Construction utilizes our extensive array of subcontractor and consultant relationships to your benefit, building a cohesive Design/Engineering team and Design/Build team best suited for your project.

Teams will be established through the following criteria:
     • Contractors capabilities
     • Completed projects of similar scope
     • Ability to work within the schedule
     • Working relationship

Costs and unit costs are established at this time to avoid costly and potential change orders later in the project. System and equipment verifications are also performed, confirming and ordering as required, any long lead-time items.

The Horn Construction Project Management team prepares a detailed estimate and budget for every project. The estimate tracks costs for each task associated with your project, including but not limited to:
     • Labor
     • Materials
     • Equipment
     • Subcontractors

The estimate and budgets developed provide the guidelines for your project expenditure planning. Labor is posted each Thursday. All other costs are input daily upon receipt and verification of accuracy.
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Regardless of the affect on cost, when the initial scope of work changes, a reference or tracking number is assigned to identify the potential change in contracted work. All affected subcontractors are immediately contacted in writing to communicate the new intent. If the directive entails more than a clarification or bulletin, which usually have no impact on cost, a Cost Proposal or Change Estimate will be created to evaluate the extent of the adds and deducts to the individual trades involved.
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During a project's preconstruction service phase, Horn Construction actively analyzes all possible cost savings without compromising quality. We use the term Value Analysis to describe this process. In our cost-saving efforts, we review the current design and look for similar products that perform equally as well, but cost less. We also examine all the future implications related to the product change.

Value Analysis does not always equate to immediate cost savings. After evaluating an idea, Horn Construction may propose a change that initially costs more than the current system, but provides better long-term value and service.

Horn Construction's estimating staff has over 80 years of combined estimating experience. Years of hands on field experience allows us to apply Value Analysis to each project, providing the best possible price and maintaining the highest quality of construction.
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Horn Construction designs and produces Microsoft Project Schedules in-house with the capability of tracking thousands of tasks simultaneously. According to the schedule, all items are cohesively scheduled, ordered, and completed. Project requirements and corresponding time allotments are addressed. For the most accurate project schedule control, the master schedules are updated bi-weekly and are distributed to team members at weekly meetings.
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Final approvals and Certificates of Occupancy will be obtained by Horn Construction. With superior project supervision and exceptional quality control, completing your project with zero punch list items is our ultimate goal. To achieve this, we perform and complete our own preliminary final punch lists over the project's final two weeks. The formal project punch list is then formulated with all involved team members and completed immediately. With the preliminary lists formulated and completed by Horn Construction, your time and involvement on the final formal punch list will be greatly reduced.

The project closeout includes operations and maintenance manuals, as-built drawings, guarantees and warranties, extra-material requirements and final reports. There items are sent to the owner/user in duplicate and Horn Construction maintains one copy for future reference.

Prior to construction startup, Horn Construction provides on-site tours for appropriate personnel, enabling a review of the mechanical, piping and electrical rough-ins before they are covered. This review allows for familiarization early on with the building systems and first-hand knowledge of the locations of ductwork, dampers, pipelines, valves, electrical feeders, cable trays and other applicable items.
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Horn Construction not only builds buildings, we build partnerships for life. Each and every client is important to us. Upon project completion, our team will continue to be available to immediately service even your smallest construction requirement. We pride ourselves on projects done right, on time and in budget, resulting in satisfied clientele and repetitive business.
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The goal of our safety program is to maximize risk control and keep injuries or accidents to a minimum. To achieve that Horn Construction holds bi-monthly Safety Meetings with all field personnel and subcontractors related to your project. Our safety manual is available for your review upon request and illustrates our training methods.
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